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Looking for a way to feel better and reduce stress?

When you take a L.E.A.P. & Groove class you are choosing you.

Step into a fun, safe and judgment free space where exercise is no longer a bad word.

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Ready to feel energized, alive, strong and empowered?

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, L.E.A.P. & Groove classes are designed to meet you you right where you are, to identify your physical, emotional and mental health & wellness goals, and reach for them together.  You deserve to love your body and yourself.  Find joy, confidence, better sleep, reduced stress, connection with others, & strength in body and mind so you can focus your time on the things that matter most. 


Exercise and movement can be fun.

Laughter, Emotion Management, Purpose.

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“You have given me the confidence to be myself. I am forever grateful for you and for your class, you have saved me.”

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Bringing health, wellness & fitness to your school, office, conference room, work or other creative space.


Lift Your Spirits Yoga

The L.E.A.P. Groove Impact

How consistent movement positively improve’s your life

Regular movement/exercise (LnG classes) = Endorphins 

Endorphins = Less cortisol (cortisol is your stress hormone)

Reduced cortisol = Less stress, better sleep, improved cognition

Better sleep = Improved emotion & weight management

Improved cognition = Increased productivity/ more time for YOU

Less stress = More laughter, improved mood

More laughter = YOU feel better, overall

improved mood = quality time spent with self & loved ones


      Aqua Basics

Dance, stretch, laugh and have fun!

LEAP-Groove Studio bringing physical, emotional & mental health to YOU! We bring the workout to your workspace, school, firestation, Senior Living Community, sport team, after school program, business, parent group or other creative space. Group or 1:1 classes and workshops are available in yoga, yoga fusion, Body Groove, Body Groove Fit, Young at Heart music & movement, and Social-Emotional Learning & leadership for a unique & effective personalized health & wellness experience.

Young at Heart

What is Groove?

Meet your instructor:

Hi. I'm DeAnn, or Dee, and I am the founder of LEAP-groove Mobile Studio. The Covid-19 pandemic brought many challenges, struggles, and disappointments to my world, but it also brought significant, life-affirming changes. The time at home, quarantined and sheltered in place while the world navigated our new normal, I began a journey of education for myself. I have spent the last two years deciding what I really wanted to do and be for the rest of my life, and I landed here, as a health, wellness & fitness guide.

If you are struggling to find peace, love or joy in your mind, body, or soul, I hope you'll click on the "contact" button above, so we can talk about what your health and wellness journey may look like. 

One of our love notes:

“I have a talented friend who just became a Groove instructor. To support her in her new class, I decided to check it out this morning. In my mind, I was doing it more for her than for me. Then magic happened!  I felt how energizing and freeing the rhythmic movements felt. Stomping, swaying, jumping, cha-cha-ing. There were lots of gentle reminders to “move in your own way“ and “do what feels good.” And the best part? After what seems like endless months in pandemic mode, it was so fun to do it with nine other women, each moving their own way. Thanks, Dee Mendoza Engelthaler for creating a judgement free zone and the opportunity to get energized through C.onnections with my body and the energy of others! If you haven’t yet today, get moving, connect with yourself and R.O.C.K. thru!”

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